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Providing Solutions and Creating Successes

Supplemental Education Services (SES)

Core Innovations and Support offers small group tutorial sessions that are rigorous and research-based. Core utilizes instructional strategies that are proven to increase academic achievement. Our goal is to help students grow academically by setting individual goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.)

Core Innovations and Support is passionate about student achievement and strives to make learning fun. Instructional materials are completely aligned with state standards and frameworks to ensure mastery of required objectives. Our employees are accessible, and tutors give weekly feedback to parents regarding student progress. Student recognition is provided throughout the program to motivate each student to reach his/her highest potential.

Five (5) additional reasons to choose Core to provide tutoring.

1. We require mastery learning which ensures academic achievement.

2. We administer comprehensive pre-test to identify the skill deficits of each student and target those areas in order to increase academic achievement.

3. We administer comprehensive pre and post-test to measure academic growth and to ensure academic needs are met. Our assessment series are aligned with state standards. Check us out at testprosuccess.

4. The diagnostic tools along with other achievement data are used to create an Individualized Student Learning Plan which consists of mechanisms to track student growth.

5. Our students have access to computer- based learning and on-going academic support.

Extended Day Learning

Extended Day Learning offers parents a balanced, child-centered after-school program for the students ages 5 to 13. For 30 -50 per week EDL provides students with academic and enrichment activities along with homework time, the fine arts, recreation, and a nutritious snack.

Qualified teachers and assistants facilitate Language Arts and Math activities Monday through Friday from 3:00-6:30 p.m. Each child attending EDL receives the equivalent of 2-4 hours a week in the small group, academic component. The interest zones include some of the following topics: creative writing, handwriting, listening skills, educational games, reading centers, and character development.

Core Innovations and Support

8343 Roswell Road    Bldg #173    Atlanta, GA 30350

Tel: (404) 775-4114    Fax: (888) 246-1775


Training and Professional Development for Schools and School Districts

We have successful and experienced curriculum experts, trainers, principal mentors, and School Improvement Specialist Teams which help schools and school district improve in the following areas: Academic Achievement, Attendance, School Culture/Climate, Employee Morale, and Leadership. Our comprehensive approach improves every facet of education from Central Office to the classroom.